S  T  U  D  I  O

Beginner Vinyasa Yoga - This class is designed for those who have little or no previous exposure to yoga, but are eager to learn and start experiencing the amazing benefits of a yoga practice.  Students will be provided with slow - paced directions and a great level of detail so they can become familiar with basic yoga poses and use of the breath.

Gentle Vinyasa Yoga - This class is designed for beginners through intermediate students.  Also know as a gentle flow, students will be guided through postures in a Vinyasa style, beginning with the basic poses, but allowing for much more challenging poses based on your practice level.  Props are encouraged to allow the body to fully achieve each pose comfortably.  This is a great class for students looking for a more gentle experience, those who are new to yoga or those who need a change of pace, yet still have the option to take it to the next level.  Also, the perfect class for students with injuries or limitations.

Vinyasa Yoga - Looking for a yoga class to get energized while helping you build strength and flexibility?  This upbeat, creative yoga practice seamlessly linking breath and movement will keep you present as you learn to move gracefully in and out of poses.  Utilizing Sun Salutations, strength building and connected movements, Vinyasa yoga will build confidence and help you stay present and centered.  Flowing around any obstacles that come your way, this energetic practice will empower you with the strength to face anything.

Engergizing Yoga - is a class of consistent poses in flowing transition with a focus on core strength, cardio fitness, flexibility and an overall sense of well being.  We will build upon basic poses to target specific muscle groups while maintaining a safe alignment to reduce the risk of injury.  This class builds strength and balance physically and mentally, and leaves you feeling energized.

Yin Yoga - is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures that are held for longer periods of time.  The poses apply moderate stress to connective tissues, tendons, fascia and ligaments - with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility.   Yin Yoga will calm and balance mind and body, finding yourself feeling less stressed, improved health and overall wellness.

VaihAyasa Aerial Yoga - VaihAyasa  is Sanskrit for "aerial, being or moving in the air, suspended in the air, sky-dwellers,"  An appropriate name for the newest style of Aerial Yoga that combines the fun of other playful acrobatic aerial, with the more grounding and alignment-centered details of more yogic aerial.  It is a smooth merger of both extremes of the aerial yoga world that allows practitioners to sink into their practice more quickly, to deepen stretches, to find proper alignment naturally, and to reap the benefits of inversions without the strain on the joints of the body.  Aerial Yoga allows practitioners to invert without the strain of the neck to the joints, allowing for surrender into a posture and full benefits.  You will find that you mind clears, shifting to become open, aware, present.

The use of the soft hammock, suspended a few feet off the ground, is used to move through traditional yoga poses.  Used as a prop, the hammock assists alignment, deepens awareness and provides immediate benefits of spinal decompression.  With the help of gravity and the fabric, space is naturally created in the body without the effort.

Foundations to Aerial/Vinyasa Yoga:  Combining 30 Minutes of Aerial Yoga and 30 Minutes of Vinyasa yoga for a fun class and understanding the grounding and alignments that come along with both styles.  This is a perfect class for all students from beginners to advanced, finding the ease in the silk and the strength in your Vinyasa practice.  We will spend our first half hour having fun in our silks and spend  20 minutes in a Vinyasa Flow, linking movement with breath and find our Savasana in the silk at the end of Class.  Heaven!!!

4 Week Kids 6-12 yrs Series - NEXT SERIES APRIL 8 TO APRIL 29, 2018.   Joining Aerial art with kids yoga.  Classes will be full of fun and mindful movement in the air!  Kids will be receiving therapeutic and sensory benefits as well as strengthening their minds and bodies.  Learning and building each week, with new poses, mindful techniques and breathing tools helping with body awareness, social and emotional needs.  They will love it!!